Governance Framework

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Governance Framework

LegitimID® ensures its sustainability by setting an effective governance framework and by involving the stakeholders in strategy planning, validation, execution, calibration stages.

Relational governance refers to inter-organizational decision-making based on relational norms like implicit understandings, trust relations, common knowledge binding together actors of the cluster.

Hierarchical governance relies on explicit patterns of authority that allocate decision rights between transacting partners.

Advisory Board

Guidance to ensure healthy ecosystem

Renowned personalities in education, R&D, EU and national policies, Business organizations, experts, influencials.

  • Sergiu Capisizu
  • Silviu Hotăran
  • Aurel Netin
  • Doru Puchianu
  • Ion Smeureanu

Management Team

Decision making related to operational plan

Managers of each department of the cluster

  • industrial research
  • software development
  • product support
  • network infrastructure
  • client relationship management
  • marketing
  • human resources
  • legal
  • regional and international cooperation

Executive Board

Decision making related to strategic plan

Representatives of formal members of the cluster

  • Bogdan Popescu, Founder
  • Viorel Lupu, Founder
  • Cătălin Scarlat, Founder

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