Operational plan

Activities in the cluster are deployed on many directions, all converging to achieving the strategic objectives and meetings the success criteria agreed between Management Committee and Executive Board.

Develop the digital identity management model for organizations and individuals
Showcase the solution for digital identity management based on the outcome of the EU funded project ``Advanced identity management and authentication solution using converged technologies and ensuring higher levels of security for access to critical applications and platforms: LegitimID®``
Increase the speed of implementation and marketing of LegitimID® services and products;
Promote digital identity, products and services developed by LegitimID®
Promote technological integration between members of the LegitimID® cluster, standards, norms, best practices.
Disseminate information, research findings, thematic events, technology trends, legislative measures, public policies
Share knowledge in the cluster in order to achieve internationally exploitable products / services in the field of digital identity
Promote cooperation among the innovative members in the cluster and with other innovation clusters
Seek for investments, attracting resources, supporting members for access to resources, supporting investments and investors;
Human resources development, strengthening cooperation with academia;
Development and support of production potential(specific equipment for digital identity)
Influence public policies in the field of digital identity, security and online safety.

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